Welcome to the Record360 Newsroom & Blog page!

Property inspection, digital documentation

Welcome to the Record360 Newsroom & Blog page!

We couldn’t be more excited to launch our business and consumer application – all designed to make the rental, exchange, inspection, documentation, and reporting process easier. Disputes over property condition come with large monetary, time, (and emotional) costs, so we’re taking the anxiety out of the process for everyone.

For businesses, Record360 is a complete enterprise digital documentation, condition reporting, data management, and data analytics service. Give our free trial a go, and know that we can turn on a dime to help customize the experience for your specific needs, workflow, and processes.

For consumers, Record360 is a peace-of-mind app, giving you the confidence that property condition issues (whether a rental car, vacation property, recreational equipment, etc.) and who-is-at-fault conversations are a thing of the past. Rest assured you won’t be on the hook for damage you didn’t cause.

In both cases, no more damage disputes…!

Thanks for reading, and please check back for new information, updates, news stories, and tips/tricks.

Record360 (Keith, Damon, Shane, Justin and the team).