Record360: Finally, A Seamless Way To Prevent Disputes When Renting A Car Or Hotel Room (Article + Video)

R360 Chevy Impala


We’re excited to announce that Record360 was profiled on Forbes by serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich. Watch founder Shane Skinner talk about the future of asset documentation and the sharing economy in our Roadmap Video.

Pitch: Record360 is the digital documentation and asset management reporting app taking the asset-condition guesswork out of the property exchange process.

Andrew’s Commentary: Record360: Finally, A Seamless Way To Prevent Disputes When Renting A Car Or Hotel Room

Twice in the past year, I dropped my car off at my parking garage in Brooklyn only to get it back the following day with a scratch. Both times led to an argument with the garage attendant who assured me the scratch was there when I dropped the car off.


I love the idea behind Record360. I can use their app on my smartphone to record a video of my car each time I drop it off. A time-stamped video stored by a third party would have been a great arbiter of my past disputes and would have convinced the garage to pay for the repairs done to my car.


This type of service becomes more important for companies operating in the growing “shared economy,” as more people look to monetize their homes on Airbnb and cars on Getaround. Services like Record360 will likely enable even more activity to take place in the shared economy space as people become more confident that their valuables will be protected and they can avoid unnecessary disputes.

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Shane during Forbes interview