2016 Car Rental Customer Report Released

Car Rental Customer ReportHave you been wondering how to stay ahead in the hyper-competitive car rental industry? In today’s transparent marketplace, it’s no longer enough to try and win on price or location alone. So what can help you stay one step ahead?

In our first-ever Car Rental Customer Report, we dug into this very question. It turns out that customer service and technology integration are at the forefront of customer demands on rental agencies. Here are just a couple unexpected findings we uncovered….

Customer Service Reigns Supreme

Strong customer service was one of the top features customers say help them select which rental car agency to choose from. This was well above features like clean vehicles, check out wait times, and vehicles that are free from dings and dents.

Paper Forms Leave Customers Wanting

Would you believe 89% of all car rental customers don’t believe paper forms or pictographs properly capture a car’s damage before it leaves the lot? That’s exactly what our research finds.

More Transparency Would Improve The Car Rental Experience

When we asked customers what would improve their overall rental experience, just over 50% of all customers want a visual record of a vehicle’s current damage before they leave the lot. This was in addition to other technology and communication options that bring greater transparency to the rental experience.

Ready to find out what else we uncovered? Download the Car Rental Customer Report today!  Learn more at http://www.record360.com.