Pro Tip: Improve Your Asset Condition Reports By Leveraging Video

Record360 Mobile Damage Condition App If you’re already thinking about digitizing your asset condition reports, chances are you already realize that paper forms just don’t cut it. Small hash marks on a piece of paper don’t properly record the extent of existing damage, nor do they capture small dings and dents that might be present.

Taking digital photos is certainly light years ahead of paper forms; the ability to snap hi-resolution images is a great way to capture every little facet of an asset’s condition. Yet even photos have limitations that video is able to fill.


There are two core reasons asset condition reviews are likely not complete without video.

1. You’re time-pressedOne of the most common concerns we hear from clients is that they want to do a thorough asset review, but they need to move cars, trucks or other equipment quickly through the check-in and check-out process. They want to take tons of great photos, but they know that might slow them down.

Video helps speed things up. A simple walk around an asset while video recording its condition gives you a point-in-time shot of exactly how it looks. You can store it away until you need to quickly review a possibly new piece of damage.

2. You missed a spot: It happens to the best of us. You have a solid process in place for photographing each and every asset’s condition, and every one of your employees is on board. And yet, an asset comes back with damage and the customer is certain it’s not their fault.

Who covers the cost? With video, you can easily answer that question. Video lets you take a step back in time and zoom in on any areas you may have missed with your standard photos. By replaying the video you can analyze tough-to-capture areas like bumper corners and see exactly who needs to cover the damage repair costs.

Record360 vehicle photo condition app


While we’re advocates of doing a video walk through of an entire asset, there are a few situations where videos can be especially useful, depending on what type of asset you manage:

  • Vehicle Interiors: If you’re in the truck or car rental business, it can be hard to take quality photos of a vehicle’s interior. Try a video instead to get the front seat, back seat, dashboard and any other parts that might frequently get damaged.
  • Tall Equipment: Equipment rental companies, especially those in the construction equipment field, know that some assets are so big it’s hard to get a top-to-bottom view. Rather than take snapshots of each part of an asset’s body, try a video instead. You’ll get a seamless view that makes sure you don’t miss a scratch.
  • Large Rooms: If you’re in the property management business, you know that rooms with lots of corners or design details often incur damage. Next time you review a property’s condition, try taking video of baseboards, sconces, molding and other details. It’ll likely be faster than pictures and cover more ground.

READY TO GIVE VIDEO A TRY? Don’t forget that Record360 includes a built-in video recording feature. We even save all your video records in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about storing all that footage on your personal computer or phone.

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