2016 Truck Rental Customer Report Released

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 4.04.09 PMWhat really gets a commercial rental truck customer to choose one rental shop over the other? Is it customer service? Or maybe it’s location? Or, perhaps it’s the bells and whistles that a particular rental company offers? We set out to answer this very question in our first-ever Truck Rental Customer Report.

We surveyed 500 rental truck customers to gauge their opinions about the rental experience, and what could make it better. These renters were upfront about their need for a strong customer service experience and better transparency around the condition of the trucks they rent. Here are just a few key findings we uncovered:

Customer Service Trumps Other Service Features

Customer service was the #1 feature renters cited for why they choose a rental truck company. This was well ahead of other frequently-offered features like favorable rental terms and online reservation options.

Damage Blame Is A Problem

Can you believe that 72% of all commercial truck renters worry that they’ll be blamed for damage they didn’t cause? That’s precisely the number of renters that have this very concern.

More Transparency Would Improve The Truck Rental Experience

When we asked customers what would improve their overall rental experience, 52% want a visual record of the truck’s condition so they aren’t blamed for damage. Other services renters wanted included time-stamping truck condition reports to prove damage happened prior to their rental as well as an email record of each condition report.

Ready to find out what else we uncovered about what truck renters love (and hate) about their rental experience? Download the Truck Rental Customer Report today!  Learn more at http://www.record360.com.