Pro Tip: Use A Selfie Stick For Hard-To-Reach Vehicle Condition Reviews

Selfie Stick Vehicle Condition Review UndercarriageImagine you rent vehicles that go on rugged terrain, or are regularly used off road. Sure, you’ll want to check out the usual areas like bumpers, doors, tail lights and interiors to make sure they’re in as a good condition on return as when they were first checked out.

But what about the vehicle’s undercarriage? Taking a vehicle off a paved road and onto rocky or uneven land likely means your vehicles will have a higher chance of incurring damage in places that can’t easily be seen.

That’s why we recommend using a selfie stick for those hard-to-reach places. It lets you reach further than you can with your arm alone, and ensures that you’re doing a thorough vehicle condition review.

How It Works
Reverse Camera Vehicle Condition ReviewFirst off, get yourself a selfie stick. A quick search on Amazon will find you a whole host of options you can select from at reasonable prices.

Once you have the selfie stick, attach your phone to the stick, and select the reverse camera function. Using the reverse camera makes sure that your camera lens is facing upward towards the undercarriage rather than downwards toward the road.

From here, take a picture of all the areas of the undercarriage that may get damaged, including the muffler, axles, cross bars, and shock absorbers. If it’s too dark, don’t forget to turn your flash on to get crisp, clear photos.

Note: If you’re a Record360 user and don’t see the reverse camera, let us know. We can get that set up for you.

Companies That Benefit The Most From Undercarriage Reviews

While anyone with a smartphone and selfie stick can do this process, the reality is it can be overkill for some some rental and leasing firms. However, for anyone renting Jeeps in adventure tourism areas, or perhaps ATV’s for off roading adventures, the selfie stick can be a valuable tool.

Stop for a moment and think through how much money you spend on damage repairs that happen to the undercarriage. If those expenses are a regular part of your damage costs, then it’s time to consider giving this process a try.

Wondering what it looks like? Just check out some of these photos captured by Record360 customers using selfie sticks to thoroughly review their vehicles.  Learn more at 

Undercarriage Vehicle Condition Review Photos