Pro Tip: How To Check If Employees Are Doing Effective Asset Documentation

Wondering how to get your employees to do better vehicle and asset documentation? Learn how digitizing your transactions is the first step in the process.

Vehicle Condition ReviewWithout thorough asset documentation, you really don’t know what condition your cars, trucks or equipment are in when they get rented out. If you don’t know what condition they’re really in, you can never pinpoint when and where damage occurred.

It’s a common problem we hear, and one that can definitely be solved by digitizing your asset condition reviews.

Why Your Team Isn’t Doing Thorough Reviews

As much as you might wish your team were doing detailed documentation of every nook and cranny of your cars, trucks or equipment, the truth is this isn’t always the case. Generally, we see two likely culprits:

  • Inefficient Recording Devices: Companies still using paper forms to record an asset’s condition aren’t giving their employees a detailed way of recording any existing nicks or scrapes. It’s no surprise then that employees aren’t compelled to be diligent in their reviews.
  • No Tool To Check Up On Them: It’s impossible to coach your team on doing more accurate reviews if there’s no way to see how well (or not well!) they’re doing reviews in the first place. For those using paper forms, this is especially the case since it’s hard to pour through tons of paper records and know if those tiny hashmarks are accurate or not.

How To See What Your Team Is Really Recording

If you’re digitizing your asset documentation, you’ll have a repository of transactions you can look at. In the case of Record360, you can actually see which user submitted a particular transaction.

Vehicle Documentation Record

We also let you see how many videos or images were captured during that transaction. For instance, anyone who has employees doing reviews should expect at least one video or image. Yet take a look at this view of two transactions:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.52.40 PM

By identifying that a particular user is saving transactions with zero videos or images, you can see right off the bat that there’s an opportunity to review these transactions and speak more with that particular employee. Maybe there’s a good reason for this lack of visual records…or maybe there isn’t.

This can also be a good time to look within an employee’s transactions and see what kind of images or videos are being taken. Are they recording all angles of the vehicle or equipment? Are they always including a video walk around? Are they notating where new damage has occurred?

Truck Damage Notation Vehicle Condition Review

Doing these periodic spot checks will ensure that all of your employees are onboard with doing thorough reviews, and will let you know when it’s time to coach an employee on how to do better documentation.  Learn more at  

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