Pro Tip: Digitize Your Entire Rental Claims Management Process

Digital claims management platform auto rentalThere’s one universal truth you face no matter if you rent cars, trucks, heavy equipment or even property: damage happens. However, how you go about dealing with that damage, and getting it fixed, is another issue altogether.

If you’re like most rental or leasing companies, you likely have a jumble of paper you deal with when tackling claims:

  • Damage Documentation: The first piece of paper comes from the actual damage documentation you have. If you’re in the vehicle rental or auto body business, that means the paper forms with vehicle silhouettes where you’ve jotted down damage hashmarks. In property, it could be your standard checklist where you note down damage to appliances, baseboards, light fixtures or other frequently-damaged areas. For equipment rental, it could be anything in between.
  • Damage Claims Forms: No matter who your insurance provider is, they will require you to fill out a form.
  • Conversation Documentation: When damages happen, you usually have to keep track of who you spoke to and the outcome of those in-person or over-the-phone calls. Again, that’s more paper and notes lying around.

This can mean a lot of paper…for just one claim. The more rental or leasing transactions your process, the more claims you’ll naturally have to process as well. That’s a lot of paper to keep track of, and possibly a lot of paper to lose.

Digitizing Your Claims Documents

auto vehicle damage claims managementIf you’re ready to stop having paper get lost in the shuffle, consider digitizing your entire process.

  • Photos & Videos: Ditch the paper forms and start using photos and videos instead. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll be able to capture the extent of the damage. Additionally, it’s faster and easier to send digital files to your insurance company or claims management team than it is to send paper records.
  • Digital Claims Forms: Keep digital copies of your claims forms so that you can simply type out everything your claims team needs. Once it’s filled out, you can just hit “save” and you’ll have an easy-to-share digital claims form.
  • Digital Conversation Records: When you keep an online record of conversations, you’ll be able to keep track of who you spoke to, when you spoke to them, and the outcome of that conversation.

Digitizing your process makes it easier to keep necessary documents and files in one place. It also makes it easy to share with as many people as you like. Instead of making countless photocopies, all you have to do is just add another email address to your message and hit “Send.”

READY TO DIGITIZE YOUR CLAIMS MANAGEMENT PROCESS? Don’t forget that Record360 includes a built-in claims management dashboard. Whether it’s photo documentation, records of conversations, or claims forms, you can keep everything in one central place, and share it with as many people as you want.  Learn more at  

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