Pro Tip: Isolating Damage With Point & Shoot Condition Reporting

Point & Shoot Vehicle Damage Condition ReportsSometimes damage is so big and obvious that you absolutely can’t miss it. But what about more minor damage? How do you make sure that anyone reviewing condition reports sees it and knows that it needs to be both paid for and repaired?

While leveraging photos and videos is a huge improvement over traditional paper forms, these two digital documentation approaches may let anyone reviewing the records miss small damage that needs their attention. This is where point and shoot condition reporting comes in.

Point and shoot reporting allows you to automatically mark up a photo record exactly where you want someone to focus their attention. Simply put your phone or tablet’s camera in the correct location and touch your device’s screen with your finger tip where you see the damage. The camera will not only snap a photo but isolate the problem area with a large circle to draw the reviewer’s attention.

Freight Digital Damage Condition ReportingThe most obvious places where this comes in handy is in the auto and truck rental space where damage to bumpers or doors may seem small but lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Freight carriers and logistics providers are also finding this functionality useful. Between packaging materials and pallets, it can be challenging to see damage. Using point and shoot functionality can make it easier for a business and its claims adjusters to see how big (or how little) the damage really is.

Real estate management companies are also leveraging point and shoot reporting. Doing a Property Management Digital Damage Condition Reportingwalk-through after a rental can lead to finding minor damage like baseboard scratches, chipped paint or window locks that need to be replaced. These tend to be so small that even a photo can make them hard to spot. With point and shoot functionality, you can make sure the viewer’s attention is brought the the problem area.

If you’re planning on digitizing your physical condition reviews, look for a solution that leverages point and shoot capture. It not only saves time during the actual condition review process but it streamlines your downstream claims management and insurance operations too.

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