2016 Dealership Service Center Report Released

Dealership Service Center ReportWhat really gets service drive customers to choose you over the neighborhood service center? Is it customer service? Is it exceptional service work? Or, perhaps it’s just their vehicle warranty? We set out to answer this very question in our first-ever Dealership Service Center Report.

We surveyed 500 service drive customers to gauge their opinions about the service experience, and what could make it better. These customers were upfront about their dissatisfaction with pricing opacity and their need for stronger service offerings. Here are just a few key findings we uncovered:

Quality Service Really Matters 

Customer trust, and satisfaction with previous repair work, were top reasons customers gave for why they continued to visit their dealer’s service drive.

Perceptions of Damage & Lost Items Is A Problem

Nearly one-third of customers don’t choose the service drive because they believe their vehicle came back with damage, and 25% said a missing item from their vehicle led to their no longer visiting the service drive.

More Technology Adoption Would Improve The Service Drive Experience

When we asked customers what tech-related services would improve their service drive experience, 45% noted online scheduling and service reminders by text, and 41% wanted an email record of their vehicle condition.

Ready to find out what else we uncovered about what dealership service center customers love (and hate) about their experience? Download the Dealership Service Center Report today!  Visit http://www.record360.com to learn more.

Dealership Service Center Report

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