Pro Tip: Staying Compliant By Digitizing Checklists

Digital Asset Review SoftwareWhat rules and regulations are part of your everyday workplace? Do certain safety standards need to be met? Or perhaps you need to follow certain manufacturing or design procedures? Regardless of what those rules and regulations are, it’s up to the leadership team to determine how to make sure all employees follow through with them. Getting your team on board may sound tough, but that’s where digitizing procedures and checklists can come in handy.

Common Compliance Issues:

There are several compliance-related issues see with many of our customers. Some of the most common include:

  • OSHA Compliance: Workplace safety is at the forefront of many manufacturing and construction businesses. In the haste to get the job done, it can be easy to ignore what may seem like small procedures. Yet pushing those seemingly small issues aside can lead to dangerous outcomes and litigation.
  • Manufacturing & Design Specs: Designs are often based on detailed, client-approved specifications. But translating the specs into the finished product takes incredible effort, and employees on the floor may not have the details they need to follow through.
  • Asset Oversight: Organizations that produce or transport assets often need to comply with internal rules around quality control and review processes. Without an easy way for employees to see those processes, they can be easily missed.

At their core, these compliance issues all come around to one thing: finding ways to ensure that employees across an organization follow internally or externally-set procedures.

Using Digitized Checklists To Stay Compliant

Having a systemic way to stay on top of these compliance issues is the go-to approach many companies take. While many companies opt for paper checklists, choosing digital checklists comes some added benefits, including:

  • Simplified Management Oversight: You’ll want to see if employees are following established procedures. By digitizing your checklists, you have a quick and easy way to easily check on the review process and see if employees are following through as you expect.
  • No Paper Storage: Think about all the different times you need to ensure daily compliance. Each time could mean yet another piece of paper shoved in a folder. By going digital you can say goodbye to paper and streamline your compliance process.
  • Easy Updates: If you’re stuck with paper forms, each new update could mean designing new checklists, printing them out and pitching the old forms. When you go digital, updates can be made faster and implemented sooner…without the paper waste.

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO DIGITIZE COMPLIANCE! If you’re ready to have digital checklists so you can keep up to date on all compliance needs, just let us know. Contact your Record360 account manager so we can get this all set for you or visit  

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