The Newest Updates Coming to Record360

At Record360, we’re all about helping move the offline asset documentation processes online…and making sure you and your team are far more efficient while doing so. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the next round of updates you’ll be seeing coming up soon on your iPhone and iPad apps. 

Improved Workflows
All companies are unique, and the way they want to review tangible assets, jot down notes, capture customer feedback and many other things is unique too. That’s why we’ve updated our documentation workflow to make sure it’s letting you record what you need, and only what you need.

You’ll now see your checklist come up first, making it easy to quickly capture mandatory information you need, no matter the asset’s condition.

asset documentation worfklow

Next up is our classic photo and video capture screen where you can still take as many photos and videos as you like.

Asset documentation photo and video capture

Last but not least, we’ve consolidated sending transactions reports, capturing customer signatures, and reviewing the transaction details in one core screen. This makes it easier for you to bypass these steps if they’re not part of your workflow. But, if these are critical pieces in your workflow, we’ve made them even simpler to complete.

asset documentation photo and video

Faster Transaction Upload Times
A major benefit of Record360 is being able to take as many photos and videos you need to fully capture an asset’s condition. There’s no limit to how much documentation you can take! However, the more documentation you take, the longer it can take to upload all that data.

Our team has worked to make this process much, much faster. By speeding up the transaction upload times, you’ll be able to finalize transactions quicker. Now, rather than tap your feet while your transaction saves to the cloud, you can move on to documenting the next asset sooner or tackling another important task.

Dedicated iPhone & iPad Apps
We want to make sure it’s easy to find and download the Record360 app on each and every device your team has. That means creating custom apps to fit all of your devices.

In our newest update, we’re pleased to say that if you have an iPad, you’ll now have a dedicated app for your device rather than having to use the iPhone app. This means it’ll be much easier to find in the Apple App Store and will appear clearly on your screen giving you a more seamless user experience.

Software Developer’s Kit (SDK)
Most companies aren’t just taking their asset documentation digital. Many are taking their entire reservation and asset management process digital too. But separate systems means having to jump from one software solution to another, and it means not having asset and rental information stored in one place. Our SDK solves this very problem.

Our SDK allows major software providers to easily integrate with Record360 so you never have to jump around between programs again.

If this is something you’re interested in, check in with your asset management and rental/leasing software provider. Chance are, we’re already in talks with them to set an integration up.

Learn more at

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