Record360 Releases New and Exciting Features in May!

May is here, and April showers brought new features. We here at Record360 are intent on providing the best asset documentation service, and that means continual additions and improvements to our digital platforms. Here are some of the latest updates we’ve rolled out on our iOS and Android apps!

Asset Condition Management Reporting
Keeping tabs on the condition of entire fleets of vehicles is a daunting task, especially if those assets are spread across entire states, countries, and continents. To make this easier, we’ve implemented a new interface that uses geographical data uploaded by the Record360 app to display the condition of assets across your entire area of operations.

While making notations in the Record360 app, you may assign condition values to whatever asset you are documenting. These values are used to generate scores that you can then view in the web portal. Use these scores to gain higher-level insight into your fleet management, and leverage this business intelligence to keep your fleet running at peak performance!

Conditional Triggers for Automated Messaging
When you’re managing numerous assets, staying up-to-date with changes in their condition can be difficult. By setting up conditional triggers, you can get real-time email notifications whenever specific changes are documented in an asset’s condition report. For example, any time an asset is reported with new damage an automated email update can be sent to your claims or service department to speed up estimates and the claims management process.

Learn more at

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