Record360 Provides Cost Savings Analysis Tool

Dear Prospective and Current Record360 Customers,

Damon Haber and I founded Record360 based on our combined 36 years experience at the largest rental company in the world. I’ve held various finance leadership positions, including CFO, in Europe, California, Wisconsin, and the Pacific Northwest and saved millions in various initiatives including performing various cost analyses and developing savings solutions for my various businesses and divisions.

I have developed a cost analysis tool to help demonstrate the benefits of moving from historical asset documentation tools such as paper & pencil or various camera based systems to Record360. This tool demonstrates that a 50-unit rental location can save over $50,000 annually using Record360 from both expected and less obvious savings including:

  • Missed Damages
  • Disputed Damage Write-Offs
  • Fuel Collections
  • Miles or Hours Collections
  • Personnel Time and Costs
  • Lost Customers Due to Disputes
  • Lost Referrals Due to Disputes
  • Office Supplies including Paper
  • Filing and Storage Costs

If you would like a free analysis of your documentation process to see how Record360 can save you a significant amount of money and time, please feel free to email me at

We already have 250 companies with over 1,000 locations worldwide saving money and time using Record360 so hope to have the opportunity to help your business as well.


Shane Skinner, Founder

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