Record360 Announces Integration with ResMan

Perfect Marriage between leading Digital Asset Condition Documentation/Asset Condition Management platform and fast-growing Residential Property Management cloud-solution

Seattle, WA, August XX, 2017Record360, the leading software for digital asset condition documentation and asset condition management, today announced integration with ResMan, the fast-growing property management cloud-solution. By integrating Record360, Property Managers who use ResMan gain a powerful tool that streamlines rental property maintenance while helping the management company and renters avoid unnecessary claims disputes.

Determining status of a property during the initial inspection process saves time, reduces friction and prevents unnecessary upsets between renters and the property management company.

“Record360 eliminates the problem of renters claiming damage and/or claiming they did not cause damage to a rental property. This is something that is absolutely going to delight our user-base who must deal with claims disputes on a daily basis, an ongoing and serious wrench that negatively impacts productivity. Record360 puts time back into their hands that can be well-spent instead on more critical, operational tasks,” said Dave McKenna, Chief Executive Officer, ResMan.

ResMan residential property management software offers a cloud-based suite of tools that improves operation efficiencies for property managers, NOI, and increased resident retention. It delivers greater insight and visibility into both financial and operational data in real time to maximize financial performance.

Record360 offers app-based condition reporting software that allows asset owners such as property/rentals, autos/fleets to automate the asset management component within their rental and leasing departments, by digitizing condition reviews of the asset.

Additionally, the Record360 platform app enables property managers and renters to easily document and time-stamp the condition of the property prior to handoff or upon termination of the lease. Record360 is as simple to use as shooting a selfie. Users simply walk around the property or dwelling, using taps on a smart mobile device to capture video, images, highlights and necessary annotations from all angles. Record360 then creates a time-stamped, geo-tagged record stored in the cloud, including proof-of-condition in hand, virtually making disputes at the point of return a thing of the past.

Record360 will be seamlessly offered through the ResMan Plus Innovation Network, an open community of vendors whose best-in-class features have integrated into the ResMan platform, essentially offering property managers a build-your-own, personalized solution.

About ResMan:

ResMan® is the fastest growing property management software solution in the multifamily industry, providing easy-to-use automation tools that improve operational effectiveness and productivity for Conventional and Affordable Housing Property Management. The SaaS provider focuses on Service First in everything, with intuitive software and industry’s leading customer experience. Built on a single platform; ResMan® delivers a highly intuitive solution to meet both operational and accounting needs for the multifamily owner/operator. In addition, the ResMan+ Innovation Network is an open API actively promoting best-of-breed solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

About Record360:

Record360 is the leading software for digital asset condition documentation and asset condition management. Used by major companies across the globe, including Audi, Avis Car Rental, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and NationaLease, Record360 brings greater transparency to condition reporting and helps companies boost their bottom line. Record360 was founded in 2013 and is based in Seattle, Washington.​ To learn more about the integrated solution including receiving a demo or free trial, call 206-489-3290,email:, or visit

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