Newest Features In Record360

Our team is constantly working to make Record360 better, and easier for you to use. We’re excited to announce the latest updates to the tool to make sure you get the most out of each and every asset condition review.


Next time you log into the Record360, you’ll see…

  • Improved Claims Management Portal: With enhancements to image management, searching capabilities, and note taking, as well as enabling faster downloads, the claims management portal isn’t just more robust, it’s also easier to use.

  • API Improvement: Syncing Record360 with your current software is critical for keeping operations moving smoothly. We’ve updates our API to make it more adaptable to integrations.
  • One-Time User Token: You can now give an individual the ability to use Record360 on a one-time basis. If you have a customer or employee that gets into an accident or creates asset damage, you can let them use Record360 on-the-spot, letting the claims process start faster.


  • Regional Hierarchy: Some organizations are large enough that they are managed under geographic regions. Our regional hierarchy feature now allows users to only access location records within certain regions and not others.


When you login to Record360 on your smartphone, you’ll see…

  • Dynamic workflows and forms: Do you have different rental or service checklists in your organization? Maybe you have different checklists for each type of equipment you manage? Record360 now lets you upload each and every form or checklist so your workflows are customized to your business’ needs.

  • Damage Waiver & Product Accept/Decline: Use Record360 to improve your upsells. By integrating damage waivers and the opportunity to accept additional products into the condition walkaround process, you can get customers to accept additional products on-the-spot.

  • Instructional Overlays: Help your employees and customers capture vehicle condition reviews the right way. Our new vehicle overlays make it easy for anyone to follow the correct process.

  • Integration Improvements: We’ve updated the SDK’s for both iOS and Android, as well as improved data mapping to help you integrate Record360 with your additional software tools.
  • Barcode Scanning: You can now integrate barcode scanning into your checklists, valuable for anyone scanning in inventory and watching it as it moves through a supply chain.
  • Timestamp Removal: If you’re using Record360 to snap pictures and videos of product inventory or to get assets ready for sale, you now have the option to remove the timestamp.
  • Features for Faster Walk Arounds: We’ve now made it easier to quickly move through your walk arounds by enabling auto-completes for asset reference numbers, included date pickers, and made it possible to default to particular values (e.g. full tank of gas) in your checklist drop downs.

Want to see the new features and benefits in action? Email us at to get a free demo of Record360.



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