Resolve 50% More Damage Disputes

Arguing over damages can destroy valuable customer relationships. Yet when it comes to assuming responsibility over who caused asset damage, arguments are bound to happen. However, with better asset documentation, rental and leasing companies are successfully removing disputes from their everyday operations.

Why Paper Forms Result In Damage Disputes

For years, the only way to do condition reviews was with paper forms. While vehicle or equipment silhouette on the paper offers some level of documentation, issues inherent with paper forms make it challenging to do thorough reviews, opening up the possibility of damage disputes down the line. Three main culprits lie at the root of this problem:

  1. Limited angles: Paper forms usually just show the flat side of a vehicle or equipment. This means that damage on the top or bottom of an asset gets missed. Additionally, any damage on corners or angles is difficult to document as well.
  2. Damage extent: While you can mark as many X’s or O’s on a form as you like, these marks can’t show the extent of any pre-existing damage. As a result, when assets are returned, it’s near-impossible to know if that damage was made worse.
  3. One shot documentation: Documentation walk arounds happen when assets are about to be rented out, and then right as they are returned. Your team has just one chance to catch every single ding, dent or scratch, something that’s certainly easy to miss with a quick pass.

How State Van Resolved 50% Of Their Ongoing Damage Disputes

With over 100 passenger vans and mini vans that they rent to customers ranging from sports groups to large families, State Van is committed to offering their customers high quality vehicles in great condition. But, as Fleet Manager George Fstchyan told us, “Our vans’ condition reviews was really set back in the stone age.”

The company’s use of paper diagrams strongly limited their ability to capture the full extent of a van’s condition. While they let George and his team capture major issues, they never could cover the full nuance. As a result, it was difficult for State Van to differentiate new damage from old damage, preventing them from quickly resolving damage disputes.

The game changed once State Van implemented Record360. The app’s high-resolution photos and videos let them capture the full extent of damage, something paper forms never let them do. As a result, George let us know the team now resolves about 50% more disputes than they did in the past. Additionally, they’re better able to record mileage and fuel counts to recoup additional fees.

READY TO CUT YOUR DAMAGE DISPUTES IN HALF? Contact us at to see how in just a few hours, you can get Record360 up and running in your organization.

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