How To Cut Your Weekly Damage Disputes In Half

Damage disputes are an unfortunate part of the rental and leasing business. While they may lead to a company assuming the costs of fixing damage they did not cause, they arguably can lead to an even worse outcome: losing a valued customer. However, with improved asset condition documentation, companies are reducing disputes while preserving their high customer service standards.

 The Challenges Behind Paper Form Documentation

Using paper forms has been the industry-standard for decades when it comes to recording the condition of an asset before and after rental. Rental managers walk around vehicles or equipment, marking down where they see any knicks, scratches, or other damage. However, this age-old tool’s limitations make it all too easy to be saddled with damage expenses caused by customers. The major culprits are…

  • Inability to show the extent of existing damage: While you can mark as many X’s and O’s on a paper form, those marks are unable to show the extent of damage prior to a rental. As a result, companies have no way of knowing if the prior damage got worse during the most-recent rental.
  • Inabilty to capture every angle: Paper forms usually feature just a few sides of the asset being rented. This means any damage on the top, bottom, or corners are often challenging to record.
  • Likelihood of missing damage: A quick walk around­–sometimes while talking to a colleague or customer­–can make it all too easy to miss damage. Once that paper form is submitted, it’s too late to go back and see if damage was missed during the initial review.

How Cummings Leasing Cut Their Weekly Damage Disputes In Half

Cummings Leasing is a family-run commercial truck rental company doing business for over 30 years. Surrounded by several large, national truck rental shops, Cummings was always focused on staying on top of trends in customer service and business operations to stay competitive.

For years, they relied on a two-sided piece of paper with an outline of a truck to document their assets’ condition before and after rental. However, as Cummings’ Rental Manager Vicky Cummings told us, “It was terrible at capturing the extent of damage so we’d have countless disputes with drivers telling us damage was already there.” As a result the Cummings team was often left dealing with 5-6 damage disputes a week.

However, once they implemented Record360 in their daily condition reviews, they were able to cut that down in half. Vicky let us know, “When you have crystal clear pictures like what you get from the software, it’s difficult for anyone to argue with what they’re seeing.” The hi-res photos and videos captured with Record360 offered Cummings Leasing the condition visibility they needed to preserve great relationships with their customers while efficiently resolving disputes.

READY TO CUT YOUR DAMAGE DISPUTES IN HALF? Contact us at to see how in just a few hours, you can get Record360 up and running in your organization.

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