They Key To Recouping Every Single Damage-Related Insurance Claim

Dealing with damages and insurance claims can feel like a necessary evil in the rental and leasing industry. Yet the real frustration comes when you have to pay for damages yourself because your insurance company denied a claim for damage you know a customer caused. It’s a very common problem that rental companies are finally learning how to overcome.

Why Recouping Insurance Costs Are So Difficult

Damage insurance is a part of any rental operation’s cost structure. However, in spite of having this coverage on hand, rental companies often have to fight tooth and nail to get damage claims approved, largely for two main reasons:

  1. Customer Denials: It’s natural for a customer to deny that they caused damage. In many cases, they may actually not be aware that they caused dents and scratches in a vehicle. Since thorough condition reviews are so rare prior to a rental, they often don’t know that damage is truly new. As a result, with disputing parties at hand, few insurance companies want to step in and immediately award funds to repair damage.
  2. Evidence Accuracy: By nature, insurance companies are extremely conservative with how they pay out claims. It’s only with crystal clear evidence that damage was caused by a customer that a company will pay off damages. However, the typical paper forms used by rental companies often fail to provide full visibility into a vehicle’s condition prior to rental, making it hard to pinpoint damage to a particular rental customer.

How Midway Chevrolet Got All Insurance Claims Approved

Midway Chevrolet, a full-service car dealership in Phoenix, Arizona, offered a service common to many dealerships: The Dealer Rent A Car Program (DRAC). As a service that allowed customers to rent new vehicles while their vehicles were being serviced, DRAC was a valuable way to showcase new models and get customers excited to purchase a new vehicle.

However, Midway faced the same challenge as any vehicle rental companies: the paper forms they used to document vehicle condition offered poor visibility into what vehicles looked like before they left the lot. As a result, if vehicles came back with damage, the Midway team was in no position to argue about who caused damage. And, they were left ill-prepared to submit, let alone win, insurance claims.

However, the tables turned once Midway brought Record360 into the DRAC program. According to Nina Cosiano, the program manager, Midway “[has] not has a single damage claim denied by insurance companies since using Record360.” Nina let us know that her team is now armed with photos and videos that are time-stamped and geo-tagged, giving her the irrefutable evidence she needs to submit insurance claims. Nina let us know the documentation is so good that “insurance adjusters don’t even bother coming to the floor. They know they can’t get better documentation than what we’ve already offered.”

READY TO HAVE EACH AND EVERY DAMAGE-RELATED INSURANCE CLAIM APPROVED? Contact us at to see how in just a few hours, you can get Record360 up and running in your organization.

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