Working Around Absent Condition Sign Offs

Without everyone agreeing on an asset’s condition before and after rental, it’s next-to-impossible to recoup expenses from any damage incurred. However, in some industries, it’s particularly difficult to get a customer to sign off either before or after the rental, making damage disputes that much more common. With digital documentation featuring time-stamping and geo-tagging, savvy companies are working around this challenge.

Why It Can Be So Challenging to Get Equipment Condition Sign Offs

Using paper forms to jot down the condition of equipment before and after rental is standard practice in the rental and leasing industry. On these forms, customers are always asked to sign off on the condition that’s been recorded. However, when it comes to renting within the construction equipment space, these sign offs are hard to get, particularly because of two main causes:

  • Personnel Availability: Construction sites are active areas with employees scattered throughout the site. Even if a manager is onsite, it can be difficult to find them while they are in the midst of a particular task.
  • Pick Up/Drop Off Time: Equipment can be picked up and dropped off outside of a construction site’s very particular hours. As a result, there are sometimes no employees who can sign off on equipment condition.

How Cloverdale Equipment Worked Around Absent Condition Sign Offs

A three-location construction equipment rental company with 2,200 pieces of equipment under management, Cloverdale specialized in forklifts, cranes, and aerial lifts. The company’s broad range of equipment was sent to construction job sites where it often came back damaged.

Cloverdale’s Rental Manager Sean Carr told us this dynamic kept happening becaue the team, “…didn’t have any strong evidence to show that when the equipment left [their] location, it was in great condition and in good working order.” Team members would frequently drop off and pick up equipment with no construction manager to sign off on its condition. As a result, they were often told equipment was dropped off with preexisting damage.

Thanks to Record360, this dynamic changed completely. Sean told us the app’s geo-tagging and time-stamping feature has made all the difference. “Because the record includes the time, date, and location of the drop off, no one can dispute the condition the equipment arrived in. The same is true of pick up. We record the same information so everyone knows the condition of the equipment exactly when we picked it up.” Even without personnel sign-off, Record360 gives Cloverdale the evidence they need resolve damage disputes much faster.

READY TO GET APPROVAL ON ALL YOUR ASSET CONDITION REVIEWS? Contact us at to see how in just a few hours, you can get Record360 up and running in your organization.

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