Record360 Announces Integration with Procede Software

Record360 automates processes that give Procede dealer customers
real-time visibility into asset condition, history and service needs

SEATTLE, WA, November 15, 2017 — Record360, the leading software for digital asset condition documentation and management, has partnered with Procede Software, developer of the cutting-edge Excede® Dealer Management System (DMS). Record360 functionality has been integrated into the Excede Lease-Rental web application, providing dealers with automated, real-time visibility into asset condition and service needs across their customer base and multiple dealer locations.

Asset condition management has traditionally been accomplished using slow and outdated paper-based processes. With Record360, Excede DMS Lease-Rental users will not only save time but will also see reduced damage claims and related expenses, leading to increased customer service satisfaction.

“Record360 and Procede Software are fully aligned in their joint mission to help streamline dealer operations by eliminating antiquated paper-based processes,” said Procede CEO Larry Kettler. “Our partnership with Record360 simplifies asset and inventory management and tracking for our customers with a centralized and seamlessly integrated solution.”

Excede® DMS improves dealer operations and productivity across departments including accounting, lease-rental, parts, and service through its real-time data capture and reporting capabilities. Record360 offers app-based condition reporting software that allows dealers to automate the asset management component within their rental and leasing departments by digitizing vehicle condition reviews.

With access to the Record360 app, dealers using Excede DMS Lease-Rental will be able to:​

  • ​Instantly view latest video and photo inspections to quickly assess current vehicle condition, expedite and resolve disputes, and collect for damages.
  • View archived, historical condition reports to better track and gain vital insight into the physical condition of assets over time
  • Perform real-time reconciliation of asset documentation/images/video across multi-location operations, thereby eliminating calls otherwise needed to compare the physical condition of trucks moving between locations

“The integration with Excede DMS continues to fulfill our commitment to current and prospective customers, including numerous PacLease, IdeaLease, and NationaLease dealers, by providing a one-stop solution for their technology needs,” said Record360 CEO and Founder Shane Skinner.

To learn more about this integration, including pricing details and technical requirements, please contact Record360 or submit a work order request via the Procede Software Customer & Resources Portal.


About Procede Software
Procede Software is a leading provider of enterprise Dealer Management System (DMS) software using Microsoft® tools and providing advanced Windows® and browser based applications to dealerships. With its Excede® DMS solution, Procede Software offers a flexible environment, logical data access, and seamless integration between manufacturers, dealers, and dealership customers, significantly improving overall dealer operational efficiency. For more information, visit

Procede Software Media Contact:
Chelsea Alves
(858) 450-4845 x108

About Record360
Record360 is the leading software for digital asset condition documentation and asset condition management. Used by major companies across the globe, including Audi, Avis Car Rental, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and NationaLease, Record360 brings greater transparency to condition reporting andhelps companies boost their bottom line. For more information, visit

Record360 Media Contact:
Laura Troyani
(206) 457-3083​​

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