Improving Damage Claim Recovery By 65%

Commercial Vehicle Condition Documentation ReportIf you rent or lease tangible assets, you know fixing damages is just an everyday part of your business. But who pays for those damages? You don’t want those damages to hit your bottom line. However, you don’t want to damage a customer relationship by claiming they caused the damage…especially if you have no proof to back up your words. Continue reading “Improving Damage Claim Recovery By 65%”

Pro Tip: Staying Compliant By Digitizing Checklists

Digital Asset Review SoftwareWhat rules and regulations are part of your everyday workplace? Do certain safety standards need to be met? Or perhaps you need to follow certain manufacturing or design procedures? Regardless of what those rules and regulations are, it’s up to the leadership team to determine how to make sure all employees follow through with them. Getting your team on board may sound tough, but that’s where digitizing procedures and checklists can come in handy. Continue reading “Pro Tip: Staying Compliant By Digitizing Checklists”

How To Get Assets Ready for Sale 2.5X Faster

Digital car condition and damage reviewMany companies in the rental and leasing business, whether it’s cars, trucks or heavy equipment, ultimately sell their assets once they hit a certain age and usefulness. But getting assets ready for sale can take quite a bit of time. Between reviewing every asset, jotting down its condition, and recording it in one central location, it can be nearly a full-time job during the asset re-sale period. For companies with multiple rental locations, this process can be even more burdensome. Continue reading “How To Get Assets Ready for Sale 2.5X Faster”

Pro Tip: Isolating Damage With Point & Shoot Condition Reporting

Point & Shoot Vehicle Damage Condition ReportsSometimes damage is so big and obvious that you absolutely can’t miss it. But what about more minor damage? How do you make sure that anyone reviewing condition reports sees it and knows that it needs to be both paid for and repaired?

While leveraging photos and videos is a huge improvement over traditional paper forms, these two digital documentation approaches may let anyone reviewing the records miss small damage that needs their attention. This is where point and shoot condition reporting comes in. Continue reading “Pro Tip: Isolating Damage With Point & Shoot Condition Reporting”

Pro Tip: Digitize Your Entire Rental Claims Management Process

Digital claims management platform auto rentalThere’s one universal truth you face no matter if you rent cars, trucks, heavy equipment or even property: damage happens. However, how you go about dealing with that damage, and getting it fixed, is another issue altogether. Continue reading “Pro Tip: Digitize Your Entire Rental Claims Management Process”

How A Major Dealership Saved $5,000 in Damage Costs In Just 2 Months

Car Dealership Damage Costs & Damage DisputesService drive managers are constantly being tugged in multiple directions. On the one hand, they are expected to oversee high quality service and vehicle maintenance. Yet on the other hand, they’re expected to increase service drive profitability while keeping customer satisfaction and CSI scores incredibly high.
Continue reading “How A Major Dealership Saved $5,000 in Damage Costs In Just 2 Months”

Keeping Manufacturing Quality Control Standards High

Manufacturing Quality Control Video Photo DocumentationCustomer damage disputes may not be the first thing you think about when considering manufacturing businesses, but it turns out it’s a large part of the manufacturing quality control process. Between multiple steps in the production cycle to transporting manufactured goods to their final destination, there are a lot of places where goods can get damaged and therefore a lot of opportunities to end up with damage disputes.

Manufacturers are expected to deliver high quality products. But how can they do this when much of the process is out of their hands? Continue reading “Keeping Manufacturing Quality Control Standards High”

Pro Tip: How To Check If Employees Are Doing Effective Asset Documentation

Wondering how to get your employees to do better vehicle and asset documentation? Learn how digitizing your transactions is the first step in the process.

Vehicle Condition ReviewWithout thorough asset documentation, you really don’t know what condition your cars, trucks or equipment are in when they get rented out. If you don’t know what condition they’re really in, you can never pinpoint when and where damage occurred. Continue reading “Pro Tip: How To Check If Employees Are Doing Effective Asset Documentation”

Knocking Damage Disputes Down To Zero

Learn how equipment rental company OCT Equipment drove down damage disputes by digitizing their equipment condition review process.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.17.34 PMAnyone that’s in the business of renting and leasing tangible assets like cars, trucks and construction equipment knows there will always be one constant in their business: dealing with damage disputes. Taking these items out on the road or in the field naturally makes them susceptible to dings and dents. And, it means somewhere down the line you’ll likely be working with a customer to determine where that damage happened and who is at fault.
Continue reading “Knocking Damage Disputes Down To Zero”

Pro Tip: Use A Selfie Stick For Hard-To-Reach Vehicle Condition Reviews

Selfie Stick Vehicle Condition Review UndercarriageImagine you rent vehicles that go on rugged terrain, or are regularly used off road. Sure, you’ll want to check out the usual areas like bumpers, doors, tail lights and interiors to make sure they’re in as a good condition on return as when they were first checked out.

But what about the vehicle’s undercarriage? Taking a vehicle off a paved road and onto rocky or uneven land likely means your vehicles will have a higher chance of incurring damage in places that can’t easily be seen. Continue reading “Pro Tip: Use A Selfie Stick For Hard-To-Reach Vehicle Condition Reviews”