Breezing Through The Insurance Claims Process

Video car condition transaction reviewsIf you’re renting and leasing assets, you know that damages are just a part of doing business. And where there are damages, there are insurance claims to process. A major thorn in asset rental companies’ sides is that the longer a claim takes to process, the longer it can take to get an asset up and running for rental again. The last thing anyone wants is to reduce their revenue potential because they’re waiting for the insurance check to fix their asset. Continue reading “Breezing Through The Insurance Claims Process”

2016 Truck Rental Customer Report Released

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 4.04.09 PMWhat really gets a commercial rental truck customer to choose one rental shop over the other? Is it customer service? Or maybe it’s location? Or, perhaps it’s the bells and whistles that a particular rental company offers? We set out to answer this very question in our first-ever Truck Rental Customer Report.

We surveyed 500 rental truck customers to gauge their opinions about the rental experience, and what could make it better. These renters were upfront about their need for a strong customer service experience and better transparency around the condition of the trucks they rent. Here are just a few key findings we uncovered: Continue reading “2016 Truck Rental Customer Report Released”

Pro Tip: Improve Your Asset Condition Reports By Leveraging Video

Record360 Mobile Damage Condition App If you’re already thinking about digitizing your asset condition reports, chances are you already realize that paper forms just don’t cut it. Small hash marks on a piece of paper don’t properly record the extent of existing damage, nor do they capture small dings and dents that might be present.

Taking digital photos is certainly light years ahead of paper forms; the ability to snap hi-resolution images is a great way to capture every little facet of an asset’s condition. Yet even photos have limitations that video is able to fill. Continue reading “Pro Tip: Improve Your Asset Condition Reports By Leveraging Video”

2016 Car Rental Customer Report Released

Car Rental Customer ReportHave you been wondering how to stay ahead in the hyper-competitive car rental industry? In today’s transparent marketplace, it’s no longer enough to try and win on price or location alone. So what can help you stay one step ahead?

In our first-ever Car Rental Customer Report, we dug into this very question. It turns out that customer service and technology integration are at the forefront of customer demands on rental agencies. Here are just a couple unexpected findings we uncovered…. Continue reading “2016 Car Rental Customer Report Released”

Truck Rental Company Improves Expense Recovery By 60%

Landmark Trucks

Usually we don’t think of dealerships, auto body shops, truck rental companies, or real estate management as being in the same business, let alone having the same problems. While in many cases this is true, there’s one major situation where it’s not: damage expense recovery.

What all these business have in common is that they work with tangible assets that can be easily damaged. Fixing that damage costs money, and arguing about that damage can destroy client relationships for good. Continue reading “Truck Rental Company Improves Expense Recovery By 60%”

Pro Tip: Why It’s Vital To Add Checklists To Your Asset Condition Reviews

Have you incorporated easy-to-use checklists in your asset condition review process? If not, now is the time to set them up. They’re an incredibly useful tool to make sure every asset is reviewed properly and thoroughly, and they help keep employees aligned on what needs reviewing. 

Why You Want To Use Checklists

There are countless reasons why checklists make sense. Here are just some cases you likely have in your business where checklists would come in handy:  Continue reading “Pro Tip: Why It’s Vital To Add Checklists To Your Asset Condition Reviews”

New app eliminates rental car (and other rental property) damage disputes

Record360 documents damage, time stamps and geo tags every transaction

@CallChristinaTV interview with Record360 Co-Founder Damon Haber on WPLG10

Call Christina R360 feature (Dec 2015)

By Christina Boomer Vazquez

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – There’s a new app that claims to help you prove that you didn’t dent your rental car.

By the time drivers get to the rental car stage in their day’s travels, there is an inclination to get the keys and be off.

Document damage before you hurry off

But experts say rushing the documentation process could hurt you on the back end of the trip.

There are steps to take to protect yourself from a damage claim. Continue reading “New app eliminates rental car (and other rental property) damage disputes”

How Record360 Is Making a Permanent Change in the Rental Industry

More important, however, is the fact that the app produces enough documentation to mitigate arguments with clients over damage. “It changes us from being the bad guy accusing a client of something to being the bearer of bad news,” Moran says. “The app is like an insurance policy for our relationships.”hollywood-quixote-studios-mikel-elliott-

In 1995, Mikel Elliott, the son of a movie grip, purchased a motor home, fitted it with tables and makeup mirrors and started renting it out to photographers. That business became Hollywood’s Quixote Studios, which now owns a dozen soundstages and rents out more than 600 production vehicles, plus a full array of film and TV equipment, to productions around the U.S. But success came to Elliott at a steep cost—in the form of damaged gear. Taillights were shattered. Leather was stained. Tables were crushed. And it was a never-ending hassle to get clients to pay for what they trashed. Continue reading “How Record360 Is Making a Permanent Change in the Rental Industry”

Record360: Finally, A Seamless Way To Prevent Disputes When Renting A Car Or Hotel Room (Article + Video)

R360 Chevy Impala


We’re excited to announce that Record360 was profiled on Forbes by serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich. Watch founder Shane Skinner talk about the future of asset documentation and the sharing economy in our Roadmap Video.

Pitch: Record360 is the digital documentation and asset management reporting app taking the asset-condition guesswork out of the property exchange process.

Andrew’s Commentary: Record360: Finally, A Seamless Way To Prevent Disputes When Renting A Car Or Hotel Room Continue reading “Record360: Finally, A Seamless Way To Prevent Disputes When Renting A Car Or Hotel Room (Article + Video)”